My Good Life

Posted by Mimi Meredith at Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 2:05 pm

Today, Chris Brogan wrote a post about a Day in His Life and challenged his readers to do the same. His day is pretty impressive. And I felt like less in comparison.

Woah, there! Katie, bar the door! Who said that? Surely not Mimi, who preaches to never, ever compare yourself to others! Here's something I wrote last year...

"Comparisons delay your rise to great goodness. They minimize who you are meant to be and distract you with trying to be being someone you aren’t. What you are meant to do can only be done by you. So rise up, stretch your own wings and love yourself into the best channel for goodness that only you can be!"

As my most amazing spousal unit reminds me frequently...I need to take my own advice!

So...what types of things do I do in a given day? Well...let's take a look. (Remember, this is a reflection of a day in my life in Montana, which is also known as God's Country by those of us who call it home. Which I always will.)

I arise and feed the dog if I get up before Greg. If I didn't program the coffee to auto start, I take care of this straight away as it is one of the most critical elements of my day. Today, Greg took care of both these duties *husband hugs*.

I make breakfast. I am a huge believer in big breakfasts. Fixing breakfast for guests is one of my favorite activities at the cabin. Today, however, Dad and I were the only takers and we just enjoyed fruit and cereal in an attempt to use up what's in the pantry before leaving the cabin later this week.

Next, I walk Sage. Walking the dog here includes winding down the mountain to the mailbox by the highway. I wish I knew the grade to impress you. It's just two miles round trip, but on the way back up, I frequently wonder if there's any way to self administer CPR, as I'm pretty sure Sage the Wonder Dog would be no help, and at some point, I'm usually certain I'm one heart beat away from requiring resuscitation.

I return and plop down in front of the computer. I think this is the most dangerous part of my day. I can get sucked into social media and checking in on favorite blogs without realizing how much time passes. So, I set my MacBook Pro clock to audibly notify me of the half hour. Fred is the computerized voice that trys to keep me on track. Note: if you do this, be sure to turn the voice off before you run any PowerPoint presentations from your laptop or Fred will remind the entire audience exactly what time it is.

I blog, but not every day. I check email. I respond to emails for a volunteer group with which I'm involved. That has taken up to three hours of time a day this summer. I am considering a tattoo for my wrist that reads JSNTV...Just Say No To Volunteering.

This week, I'm working on the outline for the remarks I'll share Saturday night at my 30th reunion. I say remarks, because I will write them down for the sake of insuring order, but I won't memorize anything, nor will I carry a script with me. I prefer to think of most presentations as conversations.

The keynote I'm giving at Sheridan College in August is a different story and I've begun to carefully craft those remarks. I will work on it until I have all the topics I want to cover woven together in as concise and clear a delivery possible with the most space for interaction. Again...I look at speaking as a visit with the audience. No one wants to hear a lecture. I will practice that keynote over and over and over until I feel like it is as near perfect as I can make it. This is my work, and I hope I'm remembered for bringing my best to it.

It's nearly 2 p.m. and that's pretty much what I've done so far today. I have made time to touch base with my daughter. (Our boys are working in AZ.) I've visited briefly with my husband, checked in with my Dad and I look up frequently to soak up my view. I took this shot to maximize the view and minimize my desk on our loft, but you get the picture...

Mimi's View

When I'm done with this post, I might zap a link out via Twitter. I don't do that for every post because I'm not that into self promotion.

We frequently skip lunch. In a moment, I'll go have an apple and see if Dad wants anything. (He is the one who prefers two meals a day.)

Often times, I would have already put something in the crock pot for dinner. It is my favorite appliance. It still is, even though I work from home and have more potential for kitchen time. In my days as I busy working mom, I loved walking into the house at the end of a hard day and smelling the promise of something good. Except the time I mistook two frozen halibut filets for chicken breasts in my morning rush and came home to the smell of slowly cooked fish. But I digress.

Today, we'll eat dinner in downtown Red Lodge, which has more great restaurants than you can shake a stick at. Mary Charlotte wants to eat out "one more time" before we leave.

I'll do some laundry, which I really don't mind too much. I'll start to get things organized for our departure. And I may spend a bit more time writing later in the afternoon.

In the evening, I'll watch the sun sink over the mountains from my porch swing. I often enjoy a glass of wine at that time, but I'm finding it's not essential and I don't really need those calories...or to model to my daughter that my quiet times require alcohol.

We've worked in some drives while we've been here, visiting different parts of the  Beartooth and Absarokee wilderness areas. Last week, we visited Yellowstone with Dad, which was awesome, and Mary Charlotte, Sage and I have had a great hike. I thought I'd do that at least three times a week and I thought my daughter and I would do yoga with our beginner DVD at least twice a week while we were here. We didn't quite make that goal...at all...and that's okay. Our days are more about embracing what is offered than dictating what must be accomplished.

Yesterday, MC and I took a trip to Billings to get the oil changed (woo hoo...going to the Big City!) and to learn what happened to Harry Potter in his final movie (3D even!). We loved it. The sun was beginning to sink over the mountains as we headed back home. We were listening to Adele and Jason Mraz. My life is full of precious moments just like that.

When I get home the first of August, I'll be getting ready to take my work life in a whole new direction. You won't believe it, and you'll never guess. I'll tell you all about it when I can. But for now, this is an accurate reflection of my most blessed and abundant Montana life. Life is good. And I know, goodness grows. It's just easier to remember it under this Big Sky.